Helping you move towards a better state of health Helping you move towards a
better state of health
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therapeutic yoga
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Meet Regan

Regan Gardner is a certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Dance Instructor with almost 20 years experience in the art of movement. Her approach is gentle and holistic resulting in a nurturing space to facilitate a return to better health. Regan believes in empowering her clients with the tools to help maintain good health and happiness through the many benefits of yoga. Regan also holds a Level 2 Teacher qualification with Yoga Australia.

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga Therapy is suitable for everybody regardless of their age, fitness level, state of health or belief system. It is a complimentary therapy using an individualised approach working with Yogic Philosophies and Principals to help facilitate the return to a better state of health.

A Yoga Therapist and their client will have an initial consultation and assessment process. From this consultation the Yoga Therapist will work with the client to create a program specific for their needs. This may be a daily personal practice and could include Asana (physical postures), Prana (breath and energy work), Meditation and Visualisation (mind) and can be drawn from a number of Yogic Philosophies and Principals. The whole process is very individual and specific for each client. We will also work in conjunction with clients other health care professionals.

Each step of the way we work together to achieve the best possible outcome for health and happiness. You do not need any Yoga experience to try Yoga Therapy, we adapt the yoga to suit the person and their needs.

Positive effects of Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy can have positive effects on a range of conditions from Back Pain, Injuries, Chronic Illnesses, Anxiety, Depression and Stress.





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